Marci Liroff Audition BootcampI have a passion for teaching as well as casting.

Are you a really well trained actor, but you seem to stumble when it comes to auditioning?! Or are you just starting out and need a road map to navigate the slippery slopes in Hollywood?

Learn how to nail your auditions from one of Hollywood’s top Casting Directors.

I will give you the inside track on what the filmmakers in Hollywood are looking for.



Marci Liroff
I'm an actor (SAG since 1976) and also worked for ten years as an asst./associate casting director in N.Y. and L.A. This is a terrific DVD. The wealth of experience and information is invaluable. She gives it to you straight. It helped me personally with an acting audition I had last week. I also lead an audition workshop here in Honolulu and have recommended it to my students. If you're an actor just starting out or whether you've been around the block a few times, you need this DVD. and I ain't blowin' smoke."


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