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After working for over forty years as a Casting Director with some of the best directors and producers in our business, I have gained an extensive knowledge of what it takes to get the job.

For the last several years, in addition to my ongoing casting work, I have been coaching actors to help them prepare for upcoming auditions and jobs.

Many times while working on a project I see actors come in who are so ill-prepared for their audition, I want to take them aside and educate them. Talent and looks can get you only so far; in this day and age of dwindling scripted projects, the dedicated actor needs to be trained in the art of showing up prepared, present and ready to work.

I teach actors what they need to know before, during and after their auditions. I use my skills as a Casting Director to prepare them to win the part…before they even enter the room. Your audition should not feel like a visit to the doctor! It is your time to show us what you’ve got. I will help you feel more in your body than you’ve ever felt before.

In an intimate, one-on-one setting, I map out each actor’s personal path for success. With kids and newer actors who are just starting out, I teach them what they can expect in an audition. With seasoned professionals, I tailor each session to suit an individual’s needs and experience, from running lines to breaking down the character to find its inner life.

Are you out of town? I offer coaching on Skype, FaceTime and Zoom!
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So many projects are asking actors to self-tape their audition. Being a casting director, I know exactly what is expected of these auditions and how to make them truly hit their mark. Rather than try to do it yourself on your laptop (yes I’ve seen all kinds of self-taped auditions!), I will shoot a professional quality audition and give you the Quicktime files to take with you to send on to your project.

We can also work together via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom remotely. This works really well if you need private coaching and you’re out of town, if you need to self-tape for an upcoming audition, you’re on location, or just can’t quite get yourself over to me in person!

I look forward to working with you!

US$160 per hour/30 minute minimum*
*24 hour cancellation policy
Payment thru Venmo or PayPal after your session.

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Liroff has a Child Performers Services Permit to work with minors #CPS-000192225
Marci Liroff
Rosie Perez"It is most important to be prepared and feel confident when you walk into the room. I felt very comfortable working with Marci. Her approach was perfect for me, as if we were in rehearsals for a stage play—breaking down each beat—details, details, details. The hours flew by and it was even fun. She gave me honest feedback and more importantly, an insider's look as to what other casting directors look for and expect. That helped put me at ease which added an extra confidence when I walked into the room—very important."  
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Marci Liroff
Dave_Franco"What I like about Marci is that she does not try to mold you into something that is outside of yourself. She recognizes your strengths and creates a comfortable environment where you can really allow yourself to be free and find some interesting moments." 
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Marci Liroff
meangirlsfsY0kq5u"Marci's coaching helps me approach audition scenes in the most creative way possible. With her patient & kind guidance, she encourages me to take risks. I truly enjoy collaborating with her!"
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