Marci Liroff
I couldn't describe it any more purely. Marci's 3 week Bootcamp was all and more than what I expected.

Her wealth, knowledge and passion for actors was refreshing and humbling. She has an incredible respect for the craft and is also personable with you regarding the work you do within the weeks. I've truly found a mentor in Marci and am happy to say I walked away with not only knowledge I need to know on the craft as an actress but a casting director/producer/director perspective and how they also go about the process of this business. It was a bonus to also have some amazing special guests join the bootcamp. I highly recommend Marci Bootcamp to any actors who want to go that step further of gaining strong feedback in your work as an actor but anyone thats passionate about truly understanding the 'business' of the entertainment world.
I will personally let you know when the next one is. There is limited availability so sign up now.
October 8, 16 & 22nd, 2014 in Los Angeles

Do you feel like you leave your auditions wishing you’d done better and others are getting your opportunities?

Do you want a better understanding of the business as a whole so that you can be more empowered with knowledge?

Don’t you want more than the simplistic re-direct that you get from the CD workshops in town?

Join me for a three-night intensive course in Los Angeles to learn how to nail your auditions and grow as an actor.

I will provide you with an insider’s view into the competitive world of auditioning from the point of view of directors, producers, studio executives and casting directors.

From my over 35 years as a casting director, producer and acting coach I will explore:

      Audition techniques
    • Break down the character and script
    • Online opportunities
    • Mindset
    • On-camera technique
    • Reconnect with the artist within you
    • How to make the audition room YOUR room

Each week I will dissect one audition scene and take each of you through the audition process — from initial pre-read through callback to final callback/test on camera.

In addition to sharing my personal insights, I will have industry guest speakers participate in classes two and three. Guest speakers through the years have been:

  • Director Mark Waters (Freaky Friday, Mean Girls)Actor Willie Garson (White Collar, Sex and the City)
  • Agent Brandy Gold (TalentWorks)
  • Director Norman Buckley (Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Gossip Girl)
  • Actor James Morrison (24)
  • Actor William Mapother (Another Earth, In The Bedroom)
  • Actor and director Melanie Mayron
  • Agent Mimi Mayer/Angel City Talent
  • … name a few!

“Your audition should not feel like a visit to the doctor! It is your time to show us what you’ve got. I will help you feel more in your body than you’ve ever felt before.” – Marci Liroff

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Make a commitment to yourself and take advantage of a rare opportunity to sharpen your audition skills under the guidance of one of the most respected and successful casting directors in Hollywood.

Because the highly interactive format will stress support and feedback, the course is limited to only a small number of participants.



The cost for the 3-night class is $300. All classes are mandatory.

The dates are: October 8, 16 & 22nd, 2014
from 7:00pm-10:00pm in Sherman Oaks, CA.



*Your acceptance to the program will be based on review of your materials. Adults only (18 yrs. and older please).

Once accepted, someone will contact you immediately with all details, payment info and confirmation of your participation!

If you’re not in town and can’t attend the classes, make sure you take advantage of this course online:

How To Audition For Film And Television: Audition Bootcamp

Looking forward to working with you!

Marci Liroff


While waiting for the next Bootcamp, order the Audition Bootcamp DVD:

Marci Liroff Audition Bootcamp


Marci Liroff
Wow... wonderful digestible golden nuggets of info. It felt very much like meeting a caring friend for coffee and getting insider tips.  I have  always read in acting books that the CD is on the actor's side, they called you in for a reason, they want you to do well.  You discussed this and now I feel 100% fantastic.  I just need to be prepared, be good, and walk away.  I can control being prepared, being good and I can also control walking away. You pointed out so many reasons that things could not feel right in the room (lost financing, producer's son in the hospital, etc.)  We shouldn't try to read anything into things out of our control.  I don't know why but just hearing that made me feel so much better.

I also loved the tips on eco casting.  I have booked many roles (or got called in) from self taping but I always send my audition off a bit worried.  You cleared up every question I had.  Now I will send those auditions off with an air of confidence.