By Marci Liroff This is a cautionary tale about preparation and research. If you’re honest with yourself you’ll save lots of heartache. An actor sent me a message on Facebook last week – I’ve cleaned up all the typos and grammatical errors so that you can read it. Believe me when I tell you […]

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10 Things Guaranteed To Get You Unfollowed On Twitter

By Marci Liroff I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 and I’ve come to think of it as my good friend. I hate it when people don’t treat my friend right. I’m so happy that there are many new people coming over to Twitter and jumping on the Social Media bandwagon. BUT, I’ve been noticing some […]

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By Marci Liroff Lately, I’m seeing a lot of your self-taped auditions, monologues, and self-produced content on public sites on the Internet. I’m all for empowering yourselves as artists by generating content, but please make sure it’s professionally made. We’re living in a time where you can easily create content and clips for your reel, […]

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