To Be(off book) Or Not To Be(off book) – That Is The Question: 4 Hot tips For Success

  By Marci Liroff Many of you ask me if we expect you to be off book. For the first audition, we expect you to be completely familiar with the material, have read the script if available, and have made distinct character choices. You can look down at your sides for reference. But, as you […]

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What Everybody Should Know About Twitter’s Dirty Little Secret

By Marci Liroff Oh, you’re gonna thank me for this one! If you’re a Twitter freak (read = addict!) like me and you don’t already know this, you’re gonna love this one. When you use twitter usernames at the beginning of a tweet it will ONLY appear in the twitterfeed (of your followers) to that […]

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Get on the Technology Train….or get left in the dust!

By Marci Liroff In my never ending need to connect with actors and film makers across the globe, I recently joined a group on Facebook called Seattle Film Makers and Actors. An interesting discussion thread cropped up last night. The online company, Cast It Talent, had posted an open call notice for 18-20 yr olds […]

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