How to Navigate Zoom

By Marci Liroff Since many of us are pivoting to online teaching, coaching, and casting meetings, learning video etiquette is essential these days. I’ve got some tips on how to best prepare for a Zoom call. In order to have a smooth experience, I highly recommend working on these technical details ahead of time. You […]

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This Advice Could Either Crush Your Dreams or Set You on the Path to Greatness

By Marci Liroff In light of the pandemic, I am offering special pricing for my private coaching (remotely of course!) Check out the info here. Spoiler alert, actors! This is as likely to crush your dreams as it is to set you on the path to greatness. I get this question all the time: “How […]

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What a Casting Director Says in an Audition vs. What They Mean

By Marci Liroff Do casting directors speak in code? Have you been kept up at night trying to decipher what they mean when they say something innocuous like “Thanks for coming in”? I’ve been trained to be both honest and inspiring at the same time, and I want to help you in your craft, not […]

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