By Marci Liroff

I’ve been private coaching actors for the last several years in person and through Skype. (you can check out more info here). Most actors come to me to prepare for upcoming auditions or jobs they’re about to do and need some fine tuning and direction. It’s a great way for actors to get some feedback and guidance from a person (me!) who has the perspective of a casting director and producer who’s actually in the audition room and knows what’s expected of you in an audition.  I know what level you need to be in order to actually get the job or even be considered for the job.

Many actors come to me weekly to go over material that they want to work on to keep their minds and bodies sharp. I love this kind of work. Lately I’ve noticed that there is a huge chasm in finding great material worthy of spending your time. Traditionally they bring in old auditions, or scenes they were given at workshops which are, for the most part, horrible!

Used to be you’d drag yourself down to Samuel French Bookstore in Hollywood and buy old plays and screenplays. Now there are so many sources online to obtain scripts or monologues for FREE! I strongly suggest you learn a scene or a monologue once a week to keep yourself sharp and in tune as an actor. (Let me know if you have any more sources in the comments section).

Here are but a few of them:

2014 Oscar Contenders Screenplays

Simply Scripts

Why Insanity (Movie monologues)

Daily Script

Screenplays Online


West Wing Transcripts

Actors Pages (Audition sides)

(some scripts are still available on this site)

Script Source – movies

Script Source – television


2012 Oscar Nomination Contenders
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  1. Thanks for taking the time to put down those links. The next time I visit Cali I will stop on in to the Samuel French store just for the heck of it to say I have been there once before everything goes digital 🙂

  2. Ms. Liroff, I love reading your blog and twitter. I feel like you’re trying to help everyone who seeks it, but I’ve noticed something is missing. I could have just missed it, and if so- I apologize, but I haven’t found anything for someone who has limited experience in the entertainment industry. I love performing: from improv and skits in drama club to performing in choir during my college years. But I have never had any formal education in the arts, nor have I ever auditioned for a part in a professional production. So, where would I begin? How should I go about convincing a casting director to take a chance on me when I have no “proof” that I have the skills/talent to succeed? –Jen
    My twitter: @ishiheard2day

  3. Thanks for your question Jennipher. No, you’re not missing anything. My blog is primarily for the working actor who has experience, and not for someone who is just starting out. For those I suggest you keep studying, take all the classes you can from teachers you connect with in your area. Lots of great books to read on the subject. I don’t believe you’re ready to go in front of a casting director yet and audition for a project because you haven’t had the formal training. Start small and work your way up. Not sure where you live, but you should contact the local colleges and universities who are making films and try to audition for those first. Local theatre is a great place to train.

  4. Hi Marci, thank you so much for this post, very helpful! Thanks to you I found a couple of scripts of my favourite movies and TV shows that I’m now reading and learning from. Very grateful!

  5. Great stuff thanks

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