Can I Get a Do-Over?

By Marci Liroff Spring Audition Bootcamp classes are starting in May in Los Angeles. Click here to sign-up. While watching the 2017 Grammy Awards, I witnessed the most remarkable thing: The uber-talented singer-songwriter Adele took the stage for a sung tribute to her friend George Michael. It soon became apparent that she was slightly off-key […]

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Why You Didn’t Get the Role

Photo by Jared Erondu By Marci Liroff You had a great audition. You killed it. The casting office “pinned” you (casting called your agent to let them know you’re one of our finalists and to let us know if you get another job offer that conflicts). Your hopes are up. You don’t hear anything for […]

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I’m Ready For My Close-Up

By Marci Liroff I’m addicted to Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series. Some of the interview/interviewee pairings include Matthew McConaughey and Jeff Bridges, Viola Davis and Tom Hanks, Adam Driver and Michael Shannon, and Sally Field and Hailee Steinfeld (to name a few) The episode that caught my eye recently was Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell. […]

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