Auditions Can Be A Numbers Game

Illustration by: Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff “So what are my chances for getting this? Aren’t they going to make offers to name actors?” When I’m casting and coaching, these questions have come up too many times to not address the subject. Stop doing this to yourself. You can’t figure this out and shouldn’t be […]

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Trust Your Instincts

Illustration by: Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff If you’re in L.A. and haven’t RSVPd to my July Audition Bootcamp, take a moment and check it out. Only a few seats left! Does the casting couch still exist? You bet. I was disheartened to read this post on Facebook from my agent friend Mimi Mayer of […]

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How Far Would You Go To Get Cast?

Illustration by Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff What’s the wildest thing an actor has done to get the job? Years ago, when I was working for Fenton-Feinberg Casting, I heard a knock at the door and stepped outside to find a lovely birdcage with a pigeon inside. I brought him inside and put the cage […]

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