How Far Would You Go To Get Cast?

Illustration by Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff What’s the wildest thing an actor has done to get the job? Years ago, when I was working for Fenton-Feinberg Casting, I heard a knock at the door and stepped outside to find a lovely birdcage with a pigeon inside. I brought him inside and put the cage […]

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Stop Saying No in Auditions

Illustration By : Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff Megatalented television producer Shonda Rhimes just came out with a new book, “Year of Yes,” which chronicles the 12 months she spent agreeing to do anything and everything that scared her. It wasn’t just a “yes” to putting herself in harm’s way, like jumping out of an […]

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The Secret To Staying In The Moment

Illustration By : Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff Any good actor knows he needs to prepare the “moment before” any scene. Often forgotten is the “moment after.” When I’m holding auditions for my projects, I see so many actors who have done their research on the project, made character choices, and are off-book. Yet when […]

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