The Voices Within

By Marci Liroff Do you think these thoughts and utter these phrases to describe yourself and others? “I’m a hungry actor,” “He’s a starving artist”.  Do you describe those that hire you as “The gatekeepers” or “Those on the other side of the desk”? Watch your mouth. Watch your thoughts. Watch the loop that goes […]

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The Moment Before and The Moment After

By Marci Liroff Any good actor knows he needs to prepare the “moment before” any scene. Often forgotten is the “moment after.” When I’m holding auditions for my projects, I see so many actors who have done their research on the project, made character choices, and are off-book. Yet when the scene starts, I see […]

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Take That Crap Off Of Your Demo Reel

By Marci Liroff Did that headline get your attention? I hope so. As a casting director, producer, and acting coach, I spend a good portion of my day viewing demo reels. Despite the recent changes in how a demo reel is produced, we still need to see a quality piece of film that shows you […]

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