Do You Know the 4 Levels of Auditions?

By Marci Liroff When I was teaching my Audition Bootcamp class last week I was stunned when one of my students asked, “What’s a pre-read?” There are so many different levels of meetings and unfamiliar verbiage when you’re starting out. Here’s a guide so you’ll be familiar with the process. When you go to an […]

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Volunteering Will Make You A Better Actor

By Marci Liroff As an actor you are constantly striving to be better. You train consistently, audition, research and hone your craft. One often-neglected element of being a better actor is being a better human. One way of doing this is by volunteering your time. You might say, “Marci, my day is booked from the […]

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Always Trust Your Casting Director

By Marci Liroff A few years ago I was casting a film and a teenaged girl came in to read for the lead character. I knew she was somewhat green because she didn’t have many credits and minimal training – but she had an intriguing look. Since I had spent quite a lot of time […]

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