Will Tattoos Stop You From Getting The Gig?

Illustration by Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff I love tattoos but I’ve always been too scared to get them. What if a piece of artwork I like today suddenly turns me off in a few years? I’m fickle that way. It always surprises me when an actor gets permanent ink in visible places. Don’t they […]

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How To Handle A Physical Audition

Illustration by: Nick Bertozi By Marci Liroff In case you didn’t get an email announcing my next Audition Bootcamp classes in Los Angeles, here’s the link. I’d love to work with you. AUDITION BOOTCAMP IN LOS ANGELES This week I called upon my Twitter followers to ask for questions for my column. I like to […]

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Your Audition’s Most Important Moment

Illustration by: Nick Bertozzi By Marci Liroff Have you ever watched a few thousand auditions? Well, I have! People ask me how long it takes for me to know whether someone is right for the role or not. Because I’ve been a casting director for so long, I answer, “Usually a few seconds.” Remember, I […]

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